At our workshops and retreats we focus on you, on rebuilding your confidence and happiness and helping you claim back the figure and health you deserve with simple, but effective diet and lifestyle changes.

How? We've thrown out the dieting rulebook and use science & years of experience to share with you how to lose weight without feeling hungry, without using meal replacements, empty promises, risky weight-loss pills, counting points, syns, fat or calories. With our Vital 7 programme can help you to lose weight permanently whilst still enjoying your food and living your life the way you want to live it.


We focus on health and happiness and do not obsess about our weight - Weight-loss becomes the side effect of a healthy body, not the focus! (And as most diets fail long-term, why waste a moment longer following one?)

Feel Great Formula's Vital 7 programme has been created especially for women who deserve to be free from the diet trap, experience delicious flavours and celebrate food again. Our mindset coaching, evidence-based nutrition & peer support helps you to achieve lasting results.

If this sounds good to you, here's 3 Powerful Reasons to book your seat at one of our events today....






























Why did we create Feel Great Formula?

Two thirds of British women over 40 are overweight, heading towards ill health and falling deeper into low self-esteem. The diets we're sold by the media very rarely work long-term.

We believe every woman deserves to age well and feel great in mid-life and beyond. We are passionate about delivering our message to more people, about how to eat and live well for life. 

Imagine how free you'll feel once we remove the confusion, help you to understand nutrition, your body and your own mind and motivation?   


If you’re serious about feeling great, enjoying life, becoming a better you......

YOU are exactly the kind of woman we want to welcome into our Feel Great Community! Welcome to the Feel Great Revolution!





























Feel Great Formula is for You if:

  • You’re ready now to take control and claim back your body confidence

  • You've dieted in the past & want something that really works long-term

  • You'd like to speak to our experts about how you can achieve the body & health you deserve


We're ready and willing to help you get started. Check out current opportunities with the Feel Great Academy below

This is your first commitment to feeling great!

See you soon!    Erica, Laura & Karen x

We can help you if.....

  • You are gaining weight in middle age or beyond and feel like you've lost your confidence. Maybe you've given up on dieting or dieted for far too long


  • You think you know what to do but just can't do it? Or find diets just don't work for you

  • You're fed up of hating how you look in the mirror

  • You wish someone would just tell you what to do to lose weight permanently


  • Your health, happiness & eating well are very important to you

  • You want to get your figure & confidence back within the next 6-12 months AND keep the weight off this time


Feel Great Formula's Vital 7 Programme isn’t for you if you are looking for a run of the mill weight-loss group, there are plenty of other people who can give you this.

But if you are looking to understand exactly what will keep your weight off long-term and hear the real truth from Natural Health professionals plus work hard on yourself to make lasting change, then this programme will deliver!


3 Powerful Reasons to put your trust in us:


   1 – We’ve tried & tested other weight-loss plans so you don't need to! Feel Great Formula takes the most up to date science, experience of what works and what doesn't and delivers a solution that not only shifts weight for the long term, but also helps restore energy, but lowers feelings of stress and makes women feel great about themselves again! Unlike most diets, you'll be working with your body, not against it!

   2 – You'll be coached by professional, multi-disciplinary experts in the field of natural health. We know weight-loss is not a one size fits all approach - How do popular diets produce the same results for so many different people? They can't and they don’t! We understand the particular needs of you as a woman, how your body works, the nutrients you need more of.

  3 – Our Results speak for themselves! Here's what our current members love about us: 

"An amazing weekend with some incredible women!"

"I loved the fact the focus was on eating well and feeling better, not about trying to lose weight"

"It was great to wear a size 12 dress again and to continue to wear that size a year on"

"Really enjoyable, learnt loads, fabulous presenting!"


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