3 Powerful Reasons to Choose Us:


   1 – We’ve tried & tested other weight-loss plans so you don't need to! Feel Great Formula takes the most up to date science, experience of what works and what doesn't and delivers a solution that can manage weight for the long term, but also helps restore energy, but lowers feelings of stress and make women feel great about themselves again. Unlike most diets, you'll be working with your body, not against it!

   2 – You'll be coached by professional, multi-disciplinary experts in the field of natural health. We know weight-loss is not a one size fits all approach - How do popular diets produce the same results for so many different people? They can't and they don’t! We understand the particular needs of you as a woman, how your body works, the nutrients you need more of and the mindset you need for success.

  3 – Our Results speak for themselves! Here's what our current members love about us: 

"An amazing weekend with some incredible women!"

"I loved the fact the focus was on eating well and feeling better, not about trying to lose weight"

"It was great to wear a size 12 dress again and to continue to wear that size a year on"

"Really enjoyable, learnt loads, fabulous presenting!"


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