Success Stories

Success Stories

It's been an incredible 4 years from our first Retreat weekend to delivering our regular Group Programmes to so many wonderful women. Seeing our participants flourishing is our favourite part! Find out below how our courses have worked for them and why there are so many different reasons for joining a Feel Great Formula Online Programme or Live Retreat...
Cheryl's Story

"Feel Great Formula's Weekend Courses have been my lifesaver!"


"At a taster session nearly 2 yrs ago I was so overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and knowledge Erica & Laura had and what I had learnt in a few hours that I had no qualms in signing up for one of the many weekends that have proven to be my lifesaver. I have always been a very active person, did lots of exercise but struggled to lose the weight I had gained over years of yo yo dieting.  
What was the most satisfying thing about my weight loss ? truthfully, I was able to fit in a bikini on a girly holiday to Ibiza! I also ate my way around Australia with no guilt at all and still lost weight! Feel great formula is not a gimmick, Erica and Laura are here to help you achieve your weight loss and change your life, it changed mine. " 

Jacqueline's Story

"At 69 I have finally found the way I should be eating, it doesn't even feel like a diet"

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“I’ve been battling an autoimmune condition for the past 6 years and long-term use of anti-biotics, steroids and a cocktail of other medication has negatively impacted my health. 

Learning from Laura & Erica about nutrition and what our bodies need was a real eye opener and the weekend away gave me a lot to think about.

The difference it has made to me is amazing! I have so much energy, I am not craving food, my sleep is 100% better!  Family and friends are commenting on how well I look and I’m hoping to discuss a reduction in medication with my consultant next month.   

 I started dieting in my 20s, tried every diet you could name and none of them worked. At 69 I have finally found the way I should be eating, it doesn’t even feel like a diet!

Since discovering Feel Great Formula I really am feeling great!"

Felicity's Story

"Chocolate bars were my downfall, but now I enjoy cooking healthy food all the time!"


In joining the Feel Great Formula and attending the weekend courses I was looking to refocus my life by changing to a more healthy and active lifestyle, concentrating on a healthy diet.

I wanted to bring healthy eating into the home environment and get the family members to enjoy eating healthy food.  Chocolate bars were my big downfall!

The course weekends were truly inspirational! Now I enjoy cooking healthy food all the time and the coaching helped to dramatically embed the healthy eating culture at home. 

I really enjoyed the practical demonstrations of cooking from scratch and I love the recipes given out. The knowledge I have gained and the practices I now use have improved my lifestyle to great effect. I would urge you to try it if you want to achieve the same!

Sophie's Story

"The course is beneficial for anyone, even if they think they have a good bill of health"

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Anne-Marie's Story

"Since joining Feel Great Formula I have not looked back and my knee-pain has finally gone!"


After restarting exercise my knee became inflamed and painful at every session. I had lots of physiotherapy, MRI

scans and various training exercises to try to get back to walking without a limp. FIVE years on my knee was STILL painful, I felt friends and family were embarrassed to be walking with me still limping along behind after all this time!

Feel Great Formula's Nutritionist Erica advised me to reduce certain foods in my diet and gave me plenty of tasty alternatives to try. I did this with no problem. Just six weeks later I was walking to work as usual and realised that I had no knee pain at all! I'd had all that physio, paid for several scans and what do you know? I'd finally found the missing link! I rang Erica delighted and she told me that my food swaps had likely reduced my inflammation, which was the root cause of my pain. 

Since my first Feel Great Formula weekend I have not looked back. My food tastes better, it's homemade from good quality ingredients. Managing on a budget, I source meat from a local butcher, the quality is better and the chicken breasts are huge compared to the watery ones at the supermarket so I don’t have to buy as many.

I now plan plan plan! As every hard wired dieter is taught - plan your meals in advance!. I also prepare meals at the weekends so the kids can have a decent meal before I come home to take them to their activities at night. Exhausting No, Empowering Yes! Knowing the kids are eating decent food is great and I am saving money in the meantime.

The whole family loves the new recipes and now the kids cook too. My colleagues take great interest in my packed lunches now and ask me to cook something extra so they can do a taste test... master chef here I come!

Feel Great Formula have also encouraged me to reclaim more quality time for myself, so I feel more relaxed too. My main dietary changes felt easy: No to pre-made packaged foods and sauces, Goodbye microwave - yes you can live without one! Yes to interesting meals and fascinating packed lunches and Yes to 1 stone and  9lbs weight loss (so far!)

"Having been an on-off dieter for most of my adult life and significant contributor to the coffers of various slimming “clubs” I have finally been introduced to something that actually works!

I didn’t know what to expect and also didn’t know how much I needed Feel Great Formula's advice. I thought I had a good understanding of my body and why I put on weight. Bad food, lack of exercise - right? Wrong!!

Feel Great Formula taught me how my body actually works and reacts to food and the environment.  

So the biggest eye opener for me was how eating the wrong foods was stopping my body from healing. I had slipped on ice and suffered a knee injury six years ago. My GP advised me to rest it which I took to heart and stopped all forms of exercise vowing to return back in the New Year..... (Hover to continue!...)

Mandy's Story

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