Success Stories

Success Stories

It's been an incredible 4 years from our first Retreat weekend to delivering our regular Group Programmes to so many wonderful women. Seeing our participants flourishing is our favourite part! Find out below how our courses have worked for them and why there are so many different reasons for joining a Feel Great Formula Online Programme or Live Retreat...
Cheryl's Story

"Feel Great Formula's Weekend Courses have been my lifesaver!"

Jacqueline's Story

"At 69 I have finally found the way I should be eating, it doesn't even feel like a diet"

Felicity's Story

"Chocolate bars were my downfall, but now I enjoy cooking healthy food all the time!"

Sophie's Story

"The course is beneficial for anyone, even if they think they have a good bill of health"

Anne-Marie's Story

"Since joining Feel Great Formula I have not looked back and my knee-pain has finally gone!"

"Having been an on-off dieter for most of my adult life and significant contributor to the coffers of various slimming “clubs” I have finally been introduced to something that actually works!

I didn’t know what to expect and also didn’t know how much I needed Feel Great Formula's advice. I thought I had a good understanding of my body and why I put on weight. Bad food, lack of exercise - right? Wrong!!

Feel Great Formula taught me how my body actually works and reacts to food and the environment.  

So the biggest eye opener for me was how eating the wrong foods was stopping my body from healing. I had slipped on ice and suffered a knee injury six years ago. My GP advised me to rest it which I took to heart and stopped all forms of exercise vowing to return back in the New Year..... (Hover to continue!...)

Mandy's Story

Watch Mandy's Review of our Feel Great Urban Retreat

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