Is Flexitarianism the best and most sustainable way of eating for the 2020's and beyond? Yes! If you want to:

  • raise your intake of nutritious plant-based wholefoods while reducing processed food and factory-farmed meat - a total win-win for personal health and the planet! (Your weekly food shop may also be cheaper!)
  • Allow a flexible mindset around your diet, inspiring freedom, confidence and control in your food choices
  • Go with your flow - You are unique and have your own set of dietary needs, likes and dislikes. Exploring which foods help you to feel stronger, calmer, more energised and suit your digestive constitution can help you to maximise your wellbeing

Our First Recipe Book!

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  • Nutritional Therapists Karen, Laura & Erica are excited to share their most-loved nourishing recipes with you in their first ever compendium of tried and tested meal choices for flexible eating.

    Great things come in small packages...!

    "Our bookling is of modest size but bursting with ideas and made with care and love! We hope you enjoy our healthy twists on favourite dishes, trying some new tastes and a bit of 'flexing' along the way." The Feel Great Team x