Laura's Ultimate Christmas Party Survival Guide

Several Christmas ‘do’s’ in the same week and wondering how to navigate your way to the big day without feeling frazzled? In my Ultimate Christmas Party Survival Guide I'm aiming to help you to make the most of socialising this season and still have plenty of energy come the New Year. I’m more of a ‘yes’ than a ‘no’ person, so it was no surprise when I opened my diary two weeks ago to find I had agreed to 4 social events (plus 2 music gigs) in a week. Plus all the xmas shopping, planning and decorating to do, 2020 planning to think about, outfits to plan….you get the picture (and did I mention I need to work, eat and sleep as well?!) So here’s how I breezed through the xmas events and enjoyed every minute! Hopefully these simple tips will have you hopping and skipping through the next two weeks too…. 1. Set your curfew and stick to it – This one could be your biggest ally! Lack of sleep can weaken the immune system, cause weight-gain, increase hunger and lower mood, so this is the most important one to get right. Don’t get FOMO - Let’s face it, nothing that exciting ever happens at the end of a party. Instead, choose JOMO – the joy of missing out on.... spending an hour in a taxi queue when the pubs close, listening to a colleague repeating the same story eleven times before they make a dash to the toilets, or at a more sedate party, that awkward yawning contest when nobody wants to be the first to leave. Be assertive and tell your hosts or fellow guests you’re heading home by 11 or 12. Latest! You’ll be so glad the next morning. (And there’ll be no embarrassing social media photos!) 2. Plan your food at home, but enjoy what you fancy when you go out. We are built to feast and fast and this is such a great time of year to take advantage of that fact. Enjoy a 3 course meal when out and plan lighter, plant-based days when at home – think immune-system boosting, detoxifying foods. These kinds of foods should be your staples: green vegetable soups with garlic, onions or leeks; lentil/chickpea-based vegan curries with plenty of gut & liver-supporting ginger, turmeric and other spices; plant-based stews such as aubergine, chickpea and tomato or mixed bean chilli, brightly coloured salads with nut & seed sprinkles and olive oil dressing, salmon or mackerel with bundles of green vegetables and some roasted squash or pumpkin. Yum. 3. Choose 1 event where you’ll have a blow out (not all of them, sadly!) Maybe there is one party or one friend that makes you want to go nuts and have a no-holds-barred type evening with a few too many cocktails. Then do it! Look forward to that evening, but know that at the other events you’ll either a) drive, or b) have a ‘no booze after food’ rule – so that's a couple of glasses with the meal, then go for that mint tea or decaf coffee at pudding to break the temptation for more alcohol. Plus a big glass of water so you feel bright and fresh in the morning. We hope. 4. Don’t ignore your self-care! Schedule in tiny bits of feel-great me-time - I promise they are worth packing into your busy diary even if you feel too busy! Schedule them in NOW! Here's an example of mine... The evening after a party = a bath and a good book, the next day = 30 mins slow stretchy sunrise yoga. A weekend off the parties? Cuddle up with a loved one or pet and watch a great film, giving yourself permission to just stop (there's no need to go hell-for-leather all month until Christmas day!) Feel like splashing out? Have a pre-xmas detox massage or 1 week juice home delivery service. 5. Take some extra liver / immune support this month - a nifty little add-on is to take good old milk thistle to help your liver deal with any excess alcohol or sugar (A Vogel drops will do the trick), and my favourite short-term immune support in times of need is Biocare's Immune Intensive 1 week course. It might just stop you getting the sniffles or feeling run down: (not suitable during pregnancy). I'd love to hear how you get on! Drop us a message or comment to let us know! Happy Festive Frolicks everyone! xxx

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