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How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable (and the amazing things that can happen when you do!

The photo was taken just as my Dad and I were waiting for our first parascending session, back in the 80's.

I was petrified! Scared of deep water, thanks to being born in the 70's (JAWS!!) and we'd just witnessed the couple before us spectacularly sliding over 'You've been Framed' style and being dragged along the jetty, then bouncing off the water in a very-sloppy-and-probably-quite-painful take-off. Not fun at all! Definitely time to pull out!

Or perhaps not??? My inner critic sometimes tells me I'm not brave enough or confident enough and I stay in my comfort zone too much, but I realised after my cousin sent me this photo recently that I have actually ALWAYS pushed myself to do things which terrified me, even though I wanted to run screaming!!

I like feeling comfortable, that warm, safe feeling of little effort and much security - who doesn't?? But when I experience too much comfort, and for too long, it can equal what? Boredom, resentment, disappointment, not achieving anything much and wondering why I don't feel fulfilled, motivated or happy.

As humans we are meant to strive, to continually learn, change, grow and evolve. Sometimes this is really, really hard. And never more so than when it is about the habits we do every day, the habit of not exercising much, the habit of drinking wine, of staying in on a cold day or evening, of eating a relaxed diet with convenience food, spending too much time looking after other people's interests, too much time watching TV, eating comfort food (oh, the comfort of food!)and not always getting our 5 a day.

But why settle for these average habits and let the years pass by not truly happy with yourself?

We've put together 5 reasons why you can't let the scary thought of being uncomfortable get in the way of just doing whatever it is you want and need to do! You'll be surprised how great it can feel!

So here we go, Feel Great Formula's 5 rules to remember:

1. The fear or doubt you feel is not unique to you! Everyone feels the same when trying something unfamiliar. Believe us! If they can do it, so can you!

2. There is no greater satisfaction than feeling yourself grow in ways you once believed you couldn't. Moving out of your comfort zone is a huge confidence-builder. And with greater confidence comes even greater things!

3. If you say 'No' to new experiences outside of your comfort zone you'll miss out on the life you see others having and wonder why you aren't happy with yours. The longer you wait, the more your confidence can plummet and your dreams can feel too far away to ever be achieved.

4. You will build more resilience. Knowing you can adapt and move outside of your comfort zone means you can cope more easily with life's tough times. You are adaptable and strong.

5. Success breeds success. With every step taken, you will find yourself more determined, with more experience, knowledge and the ability to take decisive action and stop hesitating. Win win!

It really is this simple. Pin these rules somewhere useful to remind yourself to say 'yes' and 'just do it' rather than stay comfy and make excuses not to.

And finally, can you think of yourself when you (like me) were a fearful 10 year old? - what did you try that was outside of your comfort zone? and how did you feel?

That 10 year old is still in you and so is the ability to take action to face your fears.

Remember, the thought is always worse than actually doing it, and the pain of not doing it can be so much worse than that initial scary thought!

Try it and prove me wrong! Lxxx

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