Detoxification: Our Key Messages

It is impossible to summarise a whole weekend in just a few lines, but we would love to share some of our key messages on the subject of detoxification, as we know how important this chunk of the puzzle is to so many women for maintaining or losing weight, in a healthy and lasting way. We also feel this 'clearing out' can help us in many other areas of our lives too. Detox your diet: * embrace foods that boost your detoxfication pathways; a vegetable rich diet * ensure a balance of rainbow colours, protein, fibre, green leafy vegetables, certain fats and green tea * consider preparation methods such as wilting greens or preparing grains to maximise nutrient absorption * reduce/ eliminate sugar and refined foods Detox your home: * drink filtered water * turn off your wifi at night * reduce/ eliminate personal care products containing parabens/ aluminium Detox your cupboards: * simplify * check due dates * make your cupboards work for you * clear your home: clear your mind It is impossible to eliminate all toxins from our diet or be perfectionist about detoxificaiton: we advise a best-fit approach, in which we reduce as much as we can and work towards further detoxification.

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