Who's in Your Team?

I am writing this at my hairdressers - a good place to have time to think, read and catch up.

As time has been going on I realise that my hair and the way it looks is very important to me and it has taken me 30 odd years to find a hairdresser that I love - and that is why my hairdresser is now is firmly in my team!

When I talk about a team I am talking about all the people around me that help and support me. I have a large team that include my family, friends, my therapists from nutrition to herbs to beauty! (told you it is a large team!!), my handy-people for my home, my work colleagues, my neighbours, my teachers. Oh I could go on and on but I think you are getting the picture.

Your team can be as big or as little as you want. There aren’t many rules as many team members will come and go. The only thing we all should think about is how our team all work together for good/common aims and each team member enhances the team!

We cannot work on our own and in turn we are all members hopefully of lots of other peoples teams. We need positive people around us, fulfilling many different roles, which then help us to concentrate on what we're good at too!

Who is your team and when was the last time you developed your team? Do you need to add someone in? Or perhaps throw one or two out?!!

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