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Big changes happen when you take small steps

I was stuck in traffic yesterday and thought back to a lady I met last year who was paralysed by fear of failure - to protect her identity let's call her Diane...

(This isn't your typical client testimonial as you'll see, read on!)

Diane was feeling like she'd put on weight and was too ashamed to seek help, she was in her comfort zone eating comfort foods and didn't know how to change her habits for the better, it felt like such a struggle saying no all the time to treats whilst her slimmer friends indulged. It was years since Diane had been anywhere close to her ideal weight but she dreamed she'd one day get back into her favourite dress, one day! She often thought about getting help and support as she felt she couldn't do it on her own but the fear of the unknown led her to turn down offers of help and bury her head in the sand. Every time she saw that dress in her wardrobe she wished things would change.

And do you know what happened? Some months later, Diane threw the dress away. She had put on more weight, became further from the size she wanted to be and was still sat firmly in her COMFORT ZONE! She never took the chance to step into where the magic happens (which, incidentally is just outside your comfort zone!) She spent all that time only thinking about it and did nothing because her comfort zone was just too comfortable to leave! Most of us have probably been in a similar situation, but do any of us want things to play out like Diane?

Sometimes in life we need to take a bold step outside of our comfort zones to achieve what it is we really want. It might take months or years before we take the first step, but that doesn't matter - whilst you are living and breathing it is never too late!

When you step outside of your comfort zone you become the person who is no longer afraid of change and you become the person who can and does achieve their goals!

(Happy ending alert - Diane eventually did get the help she needed and bought a gorgeous dress she liked a lot better anyway!)

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