• Laura

You're going to live here for the rest of your life

Where's the one place you're going to live for the rest of your time on earth? What is the one vehicle you're always going to be travelling in?

Yep, its your body. It's been with you from the start, and (most bits!) will be with you until the end.

So why do we spend £1000's on decorating our houses, new kitchens, upgrading our cars, yet very little on the health of our bodies? Why is that?

Why do we perceive organic food, a yoga retreat or a massage as a luxury, when sometimes our bodies are screaming out for that little bit of tlc? We expect so much from our bodies yet rarely give back.

What's the worst thing that can happen if we don't redecorate or clean the car?

What is the worst thing that can happen if we neglect our bodies?

Remember it's always going to be with you and treat it with kindness and it should serve you well.

#selfcare #loveyourbody

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